Marine Insulation

Custom marine insulation fabricationInsulation systems for ships

Removable Insulation Exhaust Lagging for the RBM -C Response Boats, is a great example of one of our custom marine insulation prodcuts.

Marine Exhaust Insulation
In the world of marine engines, problems of excessive heat and cold have to be addressed on a professional level to ensure safety and comfort of a working environment. West Coast Insulation is an expert in identifying and controlling both critical conditions through complete, custom insulation systems for ships.

Exhaust & Steam Line Insulation
Proper application of marine insulation materials can considerably reduce heat loss from engine exhausts and steam piping systems. Thermal insulation is also a perfect solution for controlling outer surface temperatures. Insulation protects heat sensitive sensors and equipment, provides ambient heat load reduction and fire prevention. West Coast Insulation helps you maintain a safe and good working environment on board at all times.

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