Industry Focus

Regardless of its construction, working at a full capacity engine always generates heat. Technical expertise and extended experience in insulation work guarantees control over high temperatures according to unique requirements of each engine. West Coast Insulation uses a variety of materials and devices, such as vibration resistance, splash protection, antistatic, and noise protection, providing custom solutions for its diverse clientele.

Marine Exhaust Insulation
In the world of marine engines problems of excessive heat and cold have to be addressed on a professional level to ensure safety and comfort of a working environment.  West Coast Insulation is an expert in identifying and controlling such critical conditions.

Preventative Maintenance
Preventative engine maintenance is a great way to avoid costly downtime for emergency repairs. Early problem detection allows scheduling efficient maintenance and keeping engines in a good working condition for a longer period of time.

Exhaust and Steam Line Insulation
Proper insulation helps considerably reduce heat loss from engine exhausts and steam piping systems. See Table 1 for heat loss comparison.

Table 1:  Heat Loss (Watts/sq. meter)
Temperature (F) 600.8 699.8 800.6 899.6
No Insulation 6232 8411 10980 13972
1 inch Insulation 593 757 946 1160
2 inch Insulation 322 407 508 624

Table 2 shows that insulation is also a perfect solution for controlling outer surface temperatures.

Table 2: Outer Surface Temperature Comparison
Engine Room at Various Temperatures (F) 600.8 699.8 800.6 899.6
No Insulation     600.8 699.8 800.6 899.6
1 inch Insulation 163.4 183.2 203 224.6
2 inch Insulation 129.2 140 152.6 167

Proper insulation guarantees heat sensitive sensors and equipment protection, ambient heat load reduction, fire prevention, and maximizing effective use of exhaust catalytic purifiers/filters. It is also critical for your personnel protection, as narrow engine rooms, galleys and gangways may often cause injuries. West Coast Insulation helps you maintain safe and good working environment on board at all times. Contact West Coast Insulation for more information!