Our Company

West Coast Insulation is a specialty company located near Fishermans Terminal in Ballard. The company’s mainstay is custom-made fiberglass exhaust insulation for the marine industry. West Coast also installs insulation for fire protection and refrigeration.

Why Work With Us
  • Experience: West Coast Insulation has the experience to know how to best handle your marine insulation needs.  This experience is an important part of the customer service that we offer. We have served the marine industry for over 30 years and that makes a big difference to our customers. Click here to learn more about our team!
  • Long-Standing Reputation: We have built our reputation on delivering quality products, high reliability, honesty, and outstanding customer service.
  • High Quality Products: We have worked with many types of insulation products over the years. We’ve chosen to represent a select number of providers who have a proven reputation for high quality, longivity, and service excellence.
  • Focus: We know what we do best and don’t try to over-reach.  We have found that it works best for us to remain focused solely on marine insulation products and services.
  • References: Our customers are our most important asset and will willingly provide references.
  • Customer Service: We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service.
  • Engineering Support: We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide the engineering support and thermal/acoustic technical information for each project.
  • Fabrication: West Coast Insulation has the expertise to cut, assemble and fabricate products to your exact specifications.
  • On-Site Inventory: We carry a representative inventory of all of our insulation products including Delta T Marine by Mascoat.
  • Creative Solutions: Our years of experience and affiliated engineering expertise helps us to arrive at creative solutions for our customers’ problems.

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