Types of Materials

All Types
West Coast Insulation works with a full range of insulating materials, making it easy for us to provide the ideal insulation for your application. Each material provides its own unique advantages, and we take into account the materials’ temperature ratings, workability, and other factors in developing your insulation solution. The environmental and working conditions of your application are also considered when selecting the right insulating material for your needs.

We use board and blanket insulations, preformed shapes and custom cut patterns, waterjet cut patterns as well as spray-on coatings.

Hard Coat Insulation
West Coast Insulation also offers hard coat insulation, a newer technology in our industry. In hard coat insulation, the finished coating is baked on to the treated part or component—an engine exhaust pipe, for example—and creates an extremely durable, nonabsorbent, permanent coating.

Wear Resistance
A protective outer skin is also often added to provide a wear-resistant finish for any insulation material. This skin can be aluminum or galvanized cladding, paint lagging, PVC, coated fiberglass, or other non-combustible material. The choice of skin depends on the insulation type (permanent or removable) and whether specific natural or chemical environments need to be considered.

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