Infrared Inspection Services


West Coast Insulation offers infrared inspection services using Infrared photography to identify thermal “problem areas” in their vessels, buildings, or other structures.

Uses for Thermography

Infrared inspection is a powerful diagnostic tool for detecting heat transfer and other related issues. Using thermal cameras, West Coast Insulation’s certified technicians gather clear, quantifiable temperature readings that help detect and document defects and potential problems.

Economical, non-destructive, and non-contact, thermography can be used to safely identify:

  • High temperature surfaces that may be dangerous to personnel, such as exhaust components, batteries/electrical systems, and covered moving parts like pump motors and shaft bearings
  • Thermal leaks, areas where heated or cooled air escapes, such as around doors and windows
  • “Hot spots,” including faulty wiring, breakers, or wall switches
  • Hidden water damage—thermal transfer in water-damaged materials is different than in undamaged but otherwise-similar materials

Thermography & Insulation Solutions

Using the data gathered by our infrared inspection services, West Coast Insulation can develop effective marine or land based insulation solutions for our customers. Whether your application requires heat protection to keep personnel safe from high-temperature equipment, refrigeration insulation to eliminate unwanted thermal transfer in climate-controlled environments, or updates or restoration of your current insulation, thermography helps us create the most efficient and cost-effective solution possible.

Thermal Analysis

A professional thermal analysis by West Coast Insulation, along with documentation of the corrective steps you’ve taken, can be used to secure energy conservation rebates through your utilities provider for additional ROI. Please contact your utilities provider for further details.

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