West Coast Insulation


West Coast Insulation, located near Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle Washington, has been manufacturing insulation since 1977. The company’s area of specialty is custom-made and installed fiberglass exhaust insulation for the marine industry. Other types of insulation include refrigeration and sound abatement.

Why Work With Us

  • Experience: West Coast Insulation has over 35 years of experience. This expertise is an important part of the solutions that we provide and customer service that we offer.
  • Engineering Support: We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide the engineering support and thermal/acoustic technical information for each project.
  • Fabrication: Industry leading equipment and the experienced personnel to complete your order.
  • High Quality Products: We have worked with many types of insulation products over the years. We’ve chosen to represent a select number of providers who have a proven reputation for high quality, longevity, and service excellence.
  • Long-Standing Reputation: We have built our reputation on delivering quality products, high reliability, honesty, and outstanding customer service.
  • We’re Green. West Coast Insulation recycles 95% of our waste materials. Used garnet is made into concrete, we recycle all our steel, aluminum and construction material and our water jet cooling water is recycled through a cooling tower.

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